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16 Beautiful Countries You Can Travel For Vacation Without A Visa


16 Beautiful Countries You Can Travel For Vacation Without A Visa

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Getting a visa to any country can be overwhelming.
At times, the queues at the embassies or visa application centres can make you cancel your holiday plans. Some embassies make foreigners feel like they don’t want them in their countries.
The stress of getting a visa sometimes makes me dread going on a vacation. I bet you feel the same way? But don’t worry, there are alternatives.
How to Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery
How to Apply for USA Green Card Lottery
Forget New York, Hawaii, London or Germany; there are actually places you can visit without visiting the embassies to apply for visa, while you get denied in the end.
If you are looking for a place where you can soak in magnificent scenery, natural beauty and breath-taking seascapes, indulge in exciting activities, shop till you drop and enjoy delicious cuisine; here are 16 exotic vacations you can take without a visa. These destinations are
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