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How To Do A Soft Landing In Canada


How To Do A Soft Landing In Canada

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So after long waiting, finally obtained PR for Canada (PNP Nominated) and which means you should be more than delighted to travel to your province. However, at this stage, knowing how to do a soft landing is important to understand.

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Let’s say the tickets which you are getting to fly to Saskatoon is from Lagos to Toronto, then a 1.5 hr wait before proceeding to Saskatoon.

You may be one of those who will be bothered with the following questions below or may be helped through the response to them.JOB ALERT!!! House Cleaners Wanted In Canada

  1. Where should I apply for a PR card? Toronto or Saskatoon. I can take the next flight for Saskatoon, which will give me about 2 hrs more i.e. 3.5 hrs before I board the flight to Saskatoon
  2. If I apply for PR card in Toronto, can i give my relatives a Toronto based address?
  3. If I apply for PR card in Saskatoon, can i give my relatives a Toronto based address?
  4. Where can I apply for SIN? Should it be in Toronto or Saskatoon?
  5. If by any chance a Proof of funds is required to be shown again, can i present the Term deposit which i have or it has to be in cash?
  6. Will there be any other document which is required to be filled in for a soft landing?
  7. My last date is 19th April 2019, so can I land by 11th April 2019 or will there be any issue on that?
  8. What is the required minimum stay I am to do in Canada for a soft landing? Can it be for 2 weeks?
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In a way of responding to these questions, it should be appropriate for you to know that:

  1. Toronto as landing formalities are normally done at first port. I think you should probably require a flight with a longer layover. Maybe assume at least a 3/4 hour layover, because 1.5 hours would be too short if faced with a PR immigration queue.
  2. You should apply for PR card in Saskatoon where you can give relatives a Toronto based address
  3. Fourthly, you can apply for a SIN at the service Canada desk in Toronto Pearson airport, it opens Monday to Friday at business hours only. Else, if time becomes an issue just complete when you get to Saskatoon.
  4. If a Proof of funds is required to be shown again, no cash will be needed.
  5. No, there won’t be any other document for a soft landing.
  6. Whilst there is no issue arriving on the date you suggest, I would advise a month before given leaving to a week before, since there is always the unknown that may possibly happen and this is a use it or lose situation.
  7. On the last question, there is no prescribed minimum stay. You can come back again by next flight if you so wish.
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