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What You Need To Know About Canada


What You Need To Know About Canada

Canada like most countries of the world has laid down rules and regulations every one living in the country must adhere to and obey.  Canadians are overly polite and love to say ‘sorry’.  A country with rich history and cultural heritage, which allows for quick assimilation of immigrants into society.

Home of polar bears and incredible lakes stretching miles. The beautiful scenery adorning the Canadian landscape is appealing. Over the past decades, Canada has been gracefully generous to immigrants, with the flexible immigration process allowing movement into Canada easy.

Do you know that in Canada, sexual offenders are required by law to register in the sexual offender database? you will be mandated to provide the police with the necessary information as stipulated by the law. So if you are sexual offender Canada is not the place for you.

What you need to know about Canada

Home to most of the world leading research centre, a world-class healthcare system, and a highly educated population the Canadian value is a proud cape every Canadian adorns.

Do you know that there is no sponsored religion in Canada? There is no preference of any religion above another, every individual is treated equally in Canada regardless of religious affiliation.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms  states that “everyone has the right to freedom of conscience and religion”

Canada like most advanced countries prioritizes the protection and safety of Canadians both abroad and home.

Canadian security authorities create a healthy and collaborative environment between the residents and the appropriate agencies. Crime is at a low rate, less xenophobic attacks and a robust workforce.

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If you commit a crime in Canada, no matter how hard you try to hide you will be caught by the ever vigilant and gallant security officials.

It is futile to try to run away from the law, Canada extols honesty and it is one of the Canadian values that makes this beautiful country more attractive.

The Canadian economy is a trillion dollar economy, with a robust and educated workforce and affordable labour, it is a haven for investors and workers alike.

If you wish to move to Canada, there are certain things you should be aware of while you pack your bags for a memorable journey.

Canada Is Cold

Canada is extremely cold if you are allergic to cold, it is best you seek advice from your doctor on the kind of protective clothing that would prevent you from getting sick. Most areas of the country drop as low as -30°C or -40°C  which makes outdoor fun and recreation totally unattractive unless you are a fan of Hockey which is a national sport or to put appropriately ice Hockey is a religion in Canada.

Canada Educational System Is World Class

Home to some of the highly rated and respected institutions in the world, with their quality and research model of education, no wonder yearly thousands of international students seeks provisional admission into Canadian Universities.

Canadian tuition fee for international students is pretty high but the standard and quality of education offered is worth every penny spent. Five prime ministers of Canada and a host of other dignitaries are all proud alumni of the University of Toronto. The leading academic institution in Canada with over 700 undergraduate and over 200 postgraduates studies offered.

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Canada Immigrants

You May Become A Canadian Citizen

This sounds too good to be true right? Well, it is the absolute truth. I know you are wondering how an African or Asian with no ties to Canada become a proud owner of the Canadian passport.

The benefits of Canadian citizenship is enormous like voting for your favourite candidate or be voted for by your beloved constituents. This is no fairy tale, if you are a Canadian citizen all of this can come true, all you need to do once you fulfil the eligibility requirements is to apply for permanent residency, once you live within the provision of the law and be responsible, within few years you could finally be granted citizenship. Easy right? I will let you decide!

Canada Is A Trillion Dollar Economy

The Canadian economy is robust and has been able to wither economic storms, and a dynamic and affordable workforce this is particularly great news for investors and entrepreneur.

If you are scared of high and multiple taxations, then Canada should interest you, the security of your investment is guaranteed. The Canadian banks offer services in line with international best practices.

Canadian Cities Are World Class

Canada offers urban lifestyle unprecedented, the serenity of the environment and great road network makes urban life more enjoyable. Canadian cities are ranked among the world most liveable city. Urban life is expensive, if you desire the beauty and comfort of urban life, you should be willing to part with some of your dollars.

Canada Offers Asylum

Are you suffering unjust political or religious persecution in your home country?

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Can you prove your case is real?

If your answers to the questions above are ‘yes’ then Canada can offer you sanctuary from persecution.

Yearly thousands of refugees throng Canadian border seeking protection and a chance of having a good life.

Canada is among the countries of the world that is most accommodating to immigrants and refugees.

Whatever your endeavours,

We wish you luck!

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